What is Ribbon Dancing And How Do I Ribbon Dance?

Ribbon dancing is a style of dance done though holding a extended, thick satin ribbon on a stick. It has lots of gymnastic factors, and can be fun for participants of all ages. To ribbon dance, all you need to have is some new music and a ribbon, which you go to the defeat of the tune. Although it is based on historic Chinese choreography, persons from all around the earth do ribbon dancing now in many styles.

In levels of competition, ribbon dancing is a rhythmic gymnastics celebration. There are expectations for the adhere materials and length and width of the ribbon. As with any gymnastic function, there is a record of expected movements that need to be produced at some position during your routine. They include circles, spirals and snakes, flicks, and throws.

One particular section of ribbon dancing that is in particular complicated for newcomers to the activity is maintaining the ribbon from having twisted all over their bodies or knotted in alone when doing circles or spirals.

When building your personal, be aware of…

your possess peak in relation to the ribbon. If you are 5 feet tall, using a 15 foot ribbon would be incredibly difficult. Check out setting up with a ribbon the duration of your arm span. Now you can start out ribbon dancing!

The simplest transfer to start with is the wave. To make a wave in your ribbon all you have to do is make a wave in your arm! (Assume of the ribbon as an extension of on your own.) Start out with your hand straight out in front of you or to your facet. Flicking your wrist and shifting your total arm up and down in a wave, enjoy your ribbon start off to observe the exact route. Shifting your arm further up and down or quicker will have an affect on the velocity and size of your ribbons waves. When you are comfortable with this, check out moving on to other ribbon dances by bringing your arm overhead, waving it side to facet, or going for walks, dancing or working while waving your ribbon.

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